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Arthur Miller writes George Cukor a telegraph about Marilyn

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“I just wanted to thank you for the way you have behaved toward Marilyn. The picture, of course, is important to her and to you, but immeasurably more important are the precious days and weeks of her life which your patience and skill and understanding have made humanly meaningful for her. I have never known her so happy at work, so hopeful for herself, so prepared to cast away the worst of her doubts. You must know now some of the reasons why she is so precious to me and will understand the sincerity of my respect for you. / I am at work here, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to bear this bachelorhood.”

Richard Avedon Telegram


On July 9, 1958 Richard Avedon sent Marilyn the above telegram. The photographs he is talking about would eventually run in the December 22, 1958 issue of “Life” magazine, entitled the “Fabled Enchantresses” series. Marilyn dressed as five famous seductresses.


Lillian Russell


Jean Harlow


Clara Bow


Marlene Dietrich


Theda Bara