Eunice Murray

The Maid Did It, In The Bedroom, With An Enema

Eunice is probably one of the most debated about characters in the Monroe saga. She changed her story multiple times, she was considered evasive in the police report, and she was known to have a Greenson connection. What did she know? What didn’t she know? Innocent pawn or scheming mastermind.

Eunice Murray had been married to John Murray, a want to be priest who left Yale Divinity School to become a carpenter. In 1946 Eunice and John completed building their home at 902 Franklin Street in Brentwood. Four months later they could no longer afford their home. The home was sold to Ralph Greenson for $16,500. Eunice and John separated and divorced in 1950. With no education, no job, and an attachment to her former home. Greenson immediately hired her as a housekeeper for himself as well as a companion for some of his clients.

As a companion Eunice was expected to report every movement that Greenson’s clients made. That combined with Marilyn’s need for privacy did not set them up to have the best relationship.Eunice was temporarily let go while Marilyn went to New York to sing to JFK. She then informed Marilyn on August 1, 1962 that she was going to Europe on August 6 for a few weeks and would be back in September. Some sources say that Eunice was told not to come back but considering she spent an additional 3 days with Marilyn I find this to be unlikely.

So what is the truth?

Please note the first question is if Bobby Kennedy had been there that night. Thank you Marijane Gray.

As you can see, Eunice’s story DID change over the years. A lot of it was in the 1980’s when Summers and Slatzer were headlining for “finding the truth”. When you watch interviews of Eunice her story tends to change with what theory is popular at the time. It doesn’t mean it’s done maliciously or that she was trying to cover up anything. Most Marilyn experts agree that Eunice had a loyalty to both Marilyn and Greenson and did not want to risk being liable while Marilyn was in her care. With her muddling of the waters, Murray is simply an unreliable witness.

A common rumor is that Eunice was washing sheets. This comes from Jack Clemmons. Not only did Clemmons suddenly remember this 20 years after the investigation, it is not listed in the police report. This would definitely be suspicious behavior and would have been noted. A thing to remember is that Clemmons was hooked up with Capell.

What about the enema? Thanks to Marijane Gray’s groundbreaking interview with Cyril Wecht and Fraser Penney discovering something in the autopsy report, we know that an enema was not possible. *GRAPHIC WARNING* Marilyn had fully formed fecal matter in her colon. We know that while an enema can not clear you out completely, you will have a trace of one whether some liquid near the rectum opening or loose stools. What about the discoloration on the colon? Completely normal. It is apart of the dying process.

So did Marilyn get enemas? Yes, but for dietary and medical reasons. There is no record of her using them to administer medication. Marilyn supposedly had IBS which led to bouts of constipation followed by diarrhea. In fact, she was prescribed an anti diarrhea shortly before her death. Enemas are for the occasional relief of diarrhea. It’s a bit of a stretch that she would be receiving this while taking anti diarrhea medication.