Jack Clemmons

Dirty Cop

Jack Clemmons is (another) one of those people who has come up with some really outlandish claims that have stuck over the years. His most famous claim to fame is that Eunice Murray was doing laundry when he arrived and that he continued to investigate the case until 1965, when he was let go for continuing to question the ruling of Marilyn’s death as a suicide.

October 14, 1985

Pretty spicy stuff! Except there are some major red flags. The first is that Clemmons was NOT the investigating officer nor was he head of her case. He was the first responding officer who left after 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the source. Clemmons paints himself as this renegade detective but there is nothing to support his ludicrous claims. What we do know is that he most likely handed over some information about the case to Frank Capell for his pamphlet/book “The Curious Death Of Marilyn Monroe”. You can find more about the connection between Capell and Clemmons here.

The second biggest thing is Clemmon’s claiming that Marilyn died by lethal injection. Noguchi has been adament that he went over Marilyn’s body with a magnifying glass looking for an injection site. An injection has been ruled out being her body would not have had enough time to close the hole leading to blood loss from it. Clemmons then goes on to claim that Marilyn’s digestive tract was fully examined. This is not true. What was examined was her stomach, beginning of intestine, and her colon. Noguchi sent her organs off to be examined but once a cause of death was established these organs were destroyed. It’s entirely plausible that the pills were further along in her intestine that was not examined.

While it was not mentioned above, Clemmons then went on say in Anthony Summers’ atrocious book “Goddess” that Eunice was doing the laundry. This then proceeded to be that Eunice was doing the sheets. There are a few errors with this claim. The first is that there is nothing in the police report. While Eunice is described as “vague and possibly evasive” there is no mention of laundry.

Another major point that was recently made by Gary Vittacco-Robles is that Marilyn most likely did NOT own a washer or dryer. There is no mention of one in the inventory of her home as well as no actual laundry room in the floor plan.

Special thanks to Gary Vittacco-Robles for compiling these documents.

The final strike against Clemmons is sadly his character. In 1965 he was forcibly made to resign after slandering US Senator Thomas Kuchel along with Frank Capell and John Fergus. The reason Kuchel was disdained by these three? He supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964.