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My name is April VeVea and I am a Marilynista. My knowledge of her started in 1993, when I was three, and saw a life size cutout in an antique store. Marilyn had her dress blowing over her head in the iconic “Seven Year Itch” dress. As her smile radiated through me all I could think about were two things: her beauty and that she would look better with longer hair.

In 2006, at 16, I fell in love with her while reading The Bombshell Manuel of Style. After reading about nearly every star of the Golden Age of Hollywood, I found myself drawn to Marilyn. There was something about her radiance, her kindness, and the reality that she was an actual person. I quickly rushed onto Amazon and purchased Donald Spoto’s Marilyn Monroe. I soon discovered that there was so much behind the glamorous facade. There was intelligence. There was heartbreak. There was strength. There was Marilyn!

Now I am proud to announce that I have written my own book. A timeline of Marilyn’s life. It has taken years of research to get to know Marilyn and her whereabouts. It has taken over a year of work to get my notes compiled. Thousands of newspapers and over 150 books have been read but I hope to give the community what is needed, a timeline of her life.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Steve says:

    I hope you don’t mind me sending this but I do feel especially drawn to her memory. Why? We were born in the same hospital and probably even the same ward (the charity ward at LA General). We both grew up in Compton CA although she was there for only a short time during her childhood. And last but not least, we both struggled through a troubled childhood. Neither my story nor hers is unique. Many people come into this world disadvantaged. But how many who do wind up being household words in name! In my opinion, at this point in time, the real tragedy concerning her and her life is that she has yet to be given the dignity of truth concerning her horrific death. She had enough medication in her system is kill 15 people! Common sense says that it’s probably not possible to take 40 45 50 or 60 sleeping pills! Even if you’re dead serious about killing yourself like this, the most you’ll probably get it up to is 25 or 30 simply because by the time you swallow that many, the first few pills you’ve taken start to take effect and you simply pass out and die. Likewise, I don’t ascribe to the Kennedys being the culprits either. Not that they would be above it, but common sense says that paid murder like that take SERIOUS, and I mean SERIOUS, underworld connections and that something that the US president nor the US attorney general is likely to have. But who killed the Kennedys certainly would and we both know who did that! And it was their fault in my opinion! In fact, I’d have more sympathy for her than JFK and RFK put together! For unlike with poor Marilyn, the Kennedys came from privileged backgrounds and were experienced politicians and seasoned public servants. So they should have known better than to get help from those people. (As you probably know, the mafia put (or help put depending on how you see it) JFK in the White House. Likewise, Virginia Hill went that same damn way and like the Kennedys it was her fault. She was a “mob queen” and should have known enough to leave all that behind and quietly live out the remainder of her days abroad. But at least the Austrian police had enough sense to note that her “suicide” was suspicious because her body and barbiturate containers were found outside covered in snow.) It was the Kennedy family’s greedy ambition that brought this to them. Her only mistake was not listening to what her closest of friends were warning her about, something that a 30+ year old should at least know enough to do. (These guys DON’T play so one of them told her.) So why didn’t she listen to them?? I’ll tell you why, because displaying her persona and sensuality before the world gave others such noteworthy pleasure that it help give her at least some relief from her own extreme unhappiness and as I’m sure you’re well aware, Marilyn Monroe was a VERY unhappy woman. Why?? Simply, because of her upbringing. (My father had a similar upbringing only with him instead of pleasing and entertaining others it was alcohol.) People who have happy childhoods usually have happy adulthoods and sadly vice versa. However, when you get 30+ in age, I believe you should know enough to set down look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why am I unhappy and at that age you should be able to come up with a reasonable answer. Her childhood (and especially her parents) left emotional “deficits” with her and it should have been clear that neither they or others of her family would fill them. And unlike most people in her situation, she had the home (in Brentwood) and the financial resources to solve her problem by namely moving in two or three kindly elderly couples in urgent need of a comfortable home into her own home. All they had to do is keep house as best they were able and for all to simply set down with each other almost every evening, have dinner and watch TV together like a real family, as well as have a nice family morning breakfast together with coffee toast advice gossip and the like, as a real family does. I’ll bet something more of less this would have worked much better for her than giving untold thousand of dollars to psychiatrist who in return probably contributed to her demise. This poor woman has been dead for well over half a century now and her legendary persona is still inspiring and bringing wealth to others. So for God sake DON’T say that she took her own life! Tell at least what common sense says is probably the truth for this would not only benefit her legendary memory, but also benefit others whose life story may be similar.


    • marilynadayinthelife says:

      Medical evidence says she killed herself. We know she had to take pills based on her blood and liver content. Hildi Greenson talked about her taking 20-30 pills a day which is not shocking due to her long issues with addiction. Doctors killed her with getting her addicted and over prescribing but she took her own life and that is what is scientifically proven.


      • Steve says:

        Next you’ll be stating “scientific proof” of lone gunmen in the JFK and RFK assassinations. (Poppycock!)


  2. Peter Schnug says:

    Very good work and the truth!

    Remember: Clemmons and Capell were members of the Ku-Klux-Klan. The reason why Clemmons was fired by the LA police department in 1969. He than worked as a freelancing security guard and in later years he needed the money he got for his appearances as THE MM witness for the night of her death. All a big lie. Those thousand of lies about Monroe were and are only possible because she had no one – no family. She was a lonely girl!


    Peter from Germany


    • usawake says:


      I just now forwarded to mail@marilynmonroe.de and extensive email conversation I’ve been having with Kristie at http://www.goodnightmarilyn.com

      It contains more infomation on my discoveries concerning MM’s last few days and death, as well as proof in my opinion of a professional murder involved. (Remember, the key here is that it wasn’t just the pentobarbital that killed her. Both pentobarbital and chloral hydrate were far above lethal limits and NO chloral hydrate was found in her liver!)


      • AprilRenee says:

        I’ve worked on the Goodnight Marilyn radio show since almost the beginning of its broadcast as well as the forthcoming American Icon documentary. We don’t have a Kristie on our team and Nina confirmed that no one has been brought on. No idea who you’ve been talking to but they’re not involved with the show, documentary, or movie.


  3. Peter Schnug says:

    Thank you so much!

    I have more to say if you want to. Special in this!

    You wrote about your self… My story is similar… But I already got 55. You also find me easily on FB under my quiet rare German name.

    Many MM people do not like me since the 2000. It is because I like the truth. The internet destroyed many of my so called MM friendships! Also they do not like that I sit since 2005 some times in a real chair. Even I do not look like. With some though medication I can walk for a few days

    Please always excuse my bad English. In any way I can not write in the English grammar!

    Greetings from Germany


    PS. I have one of the biggest MM collection in the world. There is also envy in the game! I collect Marilyn since I was 9 years old.


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